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Custom made sketchnotes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bookvalno Definition

Bookvalno (bos.bukvalno) - means literally. When you search for something and it is literally in front of your eyes.
Bookvalno was born as a result of a search for creative expression. Bookvalno was born as a search for a it's main product remains still Bookvalno sketchnotes, but it developed into several other design and art areas as well: Bookvalno Film, Bookvalno Design and Bookvalno Comics.


Mu'Ris a producer and video/digital artist who enjoys connecting and creating projects with people who come from various genres and backgrounds. His works as a producer include Film, Radio, TV and Theater production. Besides being a producer, Muris is also prominent Video/Digital and (wanna be) comic book artist. His art work varies from very colorful to minimal color pieces. Most of his art works are based on Science Fiction. Depending on the theme, Muris draws his inspiration from vintage 60's, 70's and 80's Sci Fi magazines and comic books. Exploration of human mind, our spiritual and technological progress, symbols and mysteries of ancient cultures is the core theme in everything he creates.



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